What is LOKA ?

LOKA (Member of International Dance council, UNESCO) is a space to explore Movement and dance in its myriad forms. As a bio-mechanical process, as a medium of self-expression, as a medium of activism, as a spiritual experience and as an orchestration of energies, LOKA offers dance education in an array of styles ranging from Traditional forms, Folk and ethnic forms to Contemporary styles and techniques. But specifically focuses on providing training and creating platforms for discourses on the folk landscape of southern India. 

About the Director

Vishwakiran Nambi, Director, Choreographer, LOKA studio for movement practices

Vishwakiran Nambi (member of  International Dance Council, UNESCO) is a Performer, Choreographer, Dance film maker and Dance academic.

He was the principal dancer, Head of training and one of the Principal choreographers of ‘Nritatutya Dance company’, for over 10 years and is now the Founder and Director of LOKA- Studio for Movement Practices.

His training is diverse ranging from Indian classical forms to Indian folk and Martial dance forms. Though his foundation is in contemporary dance and Bharatanatyam, he constantly trains and explores the folk dimension of the south Indian dance.

His vision is to explore the possibilities in Indian dance frame particularly with the vast folk landscape. His creations are mostly experiences of regional authenticities and existential peculiarities.

He is also foraying into the world of dance film-making to take the art form and his stories to the increasingly digitally engaged audience

The Team

Sonal D'souza, associate to the director, LOKA studio for movement practices

Sonal D'souza

(Associate to the Director)

Sonal D’souza is a contemporary artist working as an associate to Vishwakiran Nambi. He is also a Dance academic, teaching in Jyothi Nivas College.

He has been trained in contemporary dance for 2 years at ‘Attakalari Centre for Movement Practices’. He was part of the ‘Nritarutya youth wing’ for a year and performed with the company at various prestigious platforms. He continues to train at LOKA in contemporary dance, Indian folk dance and Aerial Silk.

Deepthi Naik ,Head admin at LOKA studio for movement practices

Deepthi Naik

(Head Admin)

Deepthi Naik is a Bharatanatyam dancer working as the head admin at LOKA. She is also a Dance academic, teaching at Jyothi Nivas College. 

She started learning dance at the age of 6 under the guidance of Guru Smt. Shama Krishna. She has received ‘Kalapravana’ award in the year 2019 for exceptional performance. 
A multi-talented Deepthi has participated and won many competitions in singing and dancing. She is also a sport and Yoga enthusiast and is a popular figure in regional athletic events.